For over
25 years
we have been making our bread together

Together we have shared our feelings
with our favorite people

We are always by
your side with the
sweetest of treats

Above all,
we are sharing our most
special moments

You inspire our new
sweet creations…

…as well as the
salty ones!

Mac Magic Dry Instant Yeast
Always by your side!

Mac Magic instant dry yeast has been the first choice for over 25 years. For success in most types of dough, the secret is yeast, and the solution is Mac Magic.

Fruit jelly without sugar (light fruit jelly)

The refreshing dessert that everyone loves, now in light edition for those who take care of their diet! Pleasure with less calories but with the same delicious taste!

Mac Magic instant cocoa hazelnut cream

Mac Magic instant cocoa hazelnut cream is the delicious dessert from Mac Magic. It’s quite easy to prepare and enjoy all the benefits of cocoa.

Our Favorites Recipes:

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