Mac Magic Dry Instant Yeast
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Mac Magic instant dry yeast has been the first choice for over 25 years. For success in most types of dough, the secret is yeast, and the solution is Mac Magic.

Dry yeast with sourdough

Discover the dry yeast Mac Magic with rye and wheat sourdough for traditional flavour and 100% success in your dough.

Pancakes, donuts & crepes mixture

Select our Mac Magic mixture line for homemade crepes, fluffy pancakes or delicious donuts!

Crème caramel mixture

The Mac Magic crème caramel, with ready caramel, give us the change in a few steps & ingredients to make this special and delicious sweet!

Fruit jelly without sugar, the lead of this summer!

Find the light fruit jelly Mac Magic, you can find it in over a 100 SKLAVENITIS stores.

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